2023 Wedding Trends

Here is what we are seeing for our 2023 Weddings!

Candles, Candles, & More Candles!

Give your wedding the romantic glow, from the ceremony to reception. Decorate with all types of candles:  tapers, cylinders, and votives. You can’t beat the warm glow that a candle makes, and it certainly sets the mood. Note: please check your venue contract to confirm real candles are allowed.

Photo by: Leah Rife

Single Flowers in Tiny Vases ( from cylinder vases to bud vases) 

Beautiful single stems are being placed in tiny vases to give a minimalist, simple but elegant touch to wedding receptions.

Add ons to Bride’s Dress 

Adding a fun addition to the dress that can be easily taken off takes your dress up to that extra level. An overlay on a skirt makes the bottom half fuller and/or longer train, or add sleeves to change the top and take off for the reception time.

Flower Petal Exits 

Ceremony exists…everyone is there and ready to celebrate after watching you exchange your vows. Petals are an easy way to make a beautiful photo exit, and they do not hurt the environment. 

Garden Theme

Many weddings are taking a garden theme approach to their vision boards with colorful and romantic flowers.

Station Style For Dinner 

Give your guests options,and give them multiple selections to choose from, and the added plus is less lines!

Open Dance Floor- Special Dress

Dance the night away in a sparkly or more comfortable dress; that quick change will let you hit the dance floor until the very end.

Mix patterns for bridesmaid’s dresses

Feel free to mix patterns, different colors, styles, and you name it. Brides are mixing it up!

Minimal/ No wedding party just a Blue Crew 

Have just 1-3 wedding party members, and add in a Blue Crew to hang out and get ready with you, or no wedding party and still invite a group of friends to come hype you up and get you ready for the big day. They have been through life with you, and having them close is comforting.

Attire for guests- Black Tie

Many weddings require guests to dress their best! Why not? It’s a day of celebration, and who doesn’t love getting dressed up?

What are your favorite 2023 Trends?