10 Ways To Honor A Missing Loved One At A Wedding

Have a Memory Table 

You can set up a small tribute table with a few pictures of the loved ones who are no longer with us.

    Light a Candle 

    Have a candle lit the entire evening in remembrance of your loved one.

      Leave a Chair Open 

      An open chair can be done at both the ceremony and the reception to honor your loved one’s memory.

        Share a Poem or Quote

        You can write a poem or quote about your loved one in your program as a beautiful remembrance. 

        Have a Moment Of Silence and/or Remembrance

        You can take time before dinner to reflect on the memory.

        Carry a Memento on Your Special Day

        A loving momento can be looped into the Bride’s bouquet, sewed into the dress, or held close in the pocket.

        Play Their Favorite Song

        During open dance, make sure the DJ/Band plays their favorite song that would have them out on the dance floor.

        Ask For Donations to a Charity That Your Loved One Supported

        Instead of wedding gifts, you can ask for donations in remembrance of your loved one. 

        Have a Toast To Them

        Whether this is during the cocktail hour or reception, dedicate a few words and a cheer to your loved one.

        Repurpose Some of The Wedding Florals to Their Grave The Next Day