Your Day Dog Chauffeur

When the special day approaches we want everyone of our close loved ones and friends to be there celebrating with us…even our furry loved ones and now you can! With ‘ Your Day Dog Chauffeur’ they handle making sure your pup or pups get to the right locations for the pictures and celebrations. Learn more about the process and company below. 

What Kind of Packages Do You Offer?

Our service is uniquely designed to be customized by each of our clients based on their specific desires for the dog’s involvement in their special day. A thorough Q&A session with our prospective client will yield a full understanding of what’s expected and possible. 

Can You Handle More Than 1 Dog?

Short answer, yes. However, it is vital that the dogs operate well in a duo, from the car ride, to their walking/obedience together. 

Can You Watch Them All Day/Night Or Do You Bring Them To The Location And Then Drop Back Off At Home?

Our foundation started with pet sitting. Therefore, we can provide service(s) to our couple’s on their wedding day/night. That includes walks, feedings, potty breaks, and the potential for overnight care. Most of our clients utilize our business for a visit or two after the drop-off. Our consultation will serve as a time to discuss post ceremony care arrangements as well. 

How Far In Advance Should A Client Book You?

Currently we only book 1 wedding per Friday/Saturday/Sunday,so we recommend 6 months to a year in advance to ensure our availability for your special day! 

Can  You Take The Dog(s) To Multiple Locations?

If the wedding photography is planned for multiple locations that are to include the dog(s); then yes, we can provide transportation between the different locations. 

How Does Someone Book You?

Our website is still under construction.  Currently, they can reach out via Instagram or Email to begin the process of booking our services.                                      


   Instagram: @yourdaydogchauffeur

How Did You Come Up With This Business?

In 2017, I founded Comfort Zone Sitters, Indy’s premier pet sitting company and over the years, I noticed a need for a wedding centered dog service because so many couples, young and old alike, want their beloved dog(s) included on their big day. In 2022, a spark of creativity and entrepreneurship collided and from it was born, ‘Your Day Dog Chauffeur’. This is a niche business serving a niche market, so we thank you for considering and supporting our small business as it grows! 

Don’t miss out on having your dog(s) join you in the celebration, reach out today before they are booked! 


   Instagram: @yourdaydogchauffeur