Vendor Spotlight: Enchanting Excursions with Michele Schrougham

We had the pleasure to sit down with Michele Schrougham with Enchanting Excursions to chat about what is happening in the travel world, where to go, how to book, and how she can take the planning chaos off your list of to do’s. 

1. Top locations for a honeymoon?

There are so many amazing honeymoon locations and every couple has their personal preferences. My job is to figure out the best location within their top priorities and their budget! If I had to choose a top seller for honeymoons it would have to be the Dominican Republic. There are some incredible all-inclusive and adults only resorts that make this a popular destination for couples in general. 

Cancun/Riviera Maya comes in second. This is a great choice because there is something for everyone and for nearly every budget. There are very high end and luxurious resorts. There are also lower-priced options that still offer beautiful sites, great food, and adventure if that is what clients are seeking. Cancun often allows for more convenient flights, which is a bonus! 

Outside of that, I would say there is a great variety of destinations. St. Lucia is also a top seller! I have also booked several honeymoons to California, Florida, and Jamaica. I even recently booked a couple to Egypt. There is honestly an option for everyone, depending on what they are looking for, their time frame, and their budget.

2. What should couples think about when they are brainstorming their honeymoon? 

When thinking about a honeymoon it is important to think about what your top priorities are. Oftentimes I have couples come to me with a budget that will not cover the location, length of travel, or desired resort type. When that happens I always ask them to determine what their top priorities are – if it is a specific location I may suggest dropping a day of their honeymoon. If a two week honeymoon is non negotiable, we may need to look at an alternative location or resort type. Budgets are key when we begin the planning phase, because again, I can often find something for every budget but concessions may have to be made. If couples are prepared to work through that, we can still find an incredible destination for them! 

3.How far in advance should you book your honeymoon?

The earlier, the better when planning your honeymoon! Flights are (roughly) released 10 months in advance…if we can book then, great! If the couple isn’t quite there yet, I would encourage them to begin the process as soon as possible. Depending on where they want to go and when, if they wait until the last minute to book, prime room categories and prime flight options may already be booked. Booking early often allows for better pricing but also a greater array of choices! 

4. What is your favorite part of your job? 

I love travel! I love to plan travel and I love to travel myself. I love the feeling of booking a trip I know will bring such joy and so many beautiful memories for my clients. I especially love when my clients return home and I see pictures and moments of which I had just a small hand in. To be a part of providing adventure and excitement to others is a wonderful thing…and I love that! 

5. Must visit places in your book

My husband and I visited Thailand for our five year anniversary and it was incredible! If someone is able to take that type of a trip I will always encourage that destination. I don’t know if we will ever make it back there…but my heart is dying to get back to that part of the world! 

I also just love all inclusive resorts. If someone hasn’t done one before, this is on the top of my list for them. Something about being in paradise and not having a bill or extra expenses while there, while also having each meal and drink taken care of is an amazing thing! 

On a completely different note – Europe to me is also a must visit place. There is something for everyone and so many amazing places to visit and amazing places to see! The possibilities in Europe are nearly endless…want a beach? Europe has it! Want culture? Europe has it. Looking for history? Europe! Love sightseeing and great food? Again, Europe! And want a mix of all of this? Europe can accommodate that!! 

Ready to book your trip? Whether it’s a honeymoon, wedding destination, quick getaway, anniversary, you name it.. Michele has you covered.

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