How to have a Polaroid Camera Guest Book

Do you love photos and capturing the day through another camera other than just your photographers? Many people are enjoying the idea of having a polaroid camera for their guests; guests arrive and take a picture and then sign a note or their name by it for the couple’s guest book. It’s a great idea, and remember these tips if you are wanting to do it for your wedding. 

Photo by: Ashlyn Cathey Photo
  1. Have someone at the guest book helping take pictures and explain to guests what to do. 
  2. Bring at least 2-3 polaroid cameras… multiple cameras make guest entry flow better, and it avoids having the line back up if one camera breaks or malfunctions. 
  3. Extra batteries and film are a MUST! You can never over prepared on back ups
  4. Make sure you have a book, box or item where you can store all of these items together. 
  5. And, know that not everyone will put their picture in the book, so you will have plenty of fun photos to go through and fix as you add them to the book after your wedding.