10 Unique Wedding Exit Ideas

We have seen it all, and we know a lot of people gravitate towards sparkler exits, but some venues ban those, and we to explain to clients that sometimes placing sparklers in a guest’s hand at the end of the night isn’t the best option. Fire, along with having a good time (aka a few drinks = possibilities for disasters). So, let’s skip the risk and look at a few other amazing options for you to celebrate your getaway. 

You can always consider doing an exit right after your ceremony when it is still light out. This gives you the option of having your photographer and videographer still there if they are not staying the entire night. This also allows all of your guests to be involved because, let’s be honest, not everyone is going to stay until the very end of your celebration. 

  1. Bubbles
  • I mean who doesn’t to love blow a few bubbles here and there, especially when you have little ones who have an invite; they love this!
Photo by: Conforti Photography
  1. Flower petals
  • This is beautiful to use, and it does not hurt the environment 
Photo By: Capture by Allison
  1. Dried Florals/greenery ( Our Favorite is Lavender) 
  • Another beautiful way to incorporate your florals and not hurt the environment 
Photo by Jenifer K photo
  1. Streamers
  • Everyone has a blast popping them and it’s very easy and quick to clean up!
Photo By: Ashlyn Cathey Photo
  1. Shakers
  • Who doesn’t like to make some noise at the end of the night? You can always brand them with a logo for you or your favorite team
Photo by: Megan Malquist Photo
  1. Ribbons
  • Incorporate your wedding colors and allow guests to way them high for you during your exit 
Photo by: Leah Rife
  1. Glow sticks
  • Either use these out on the dance floor or make a tunnel to go through for your exit; by the end of the night, no one can’t resist a glow stick
Photo by: Paul Johnson
  1. Bells

-Let the wedding bells ring! 

Photo By: Kaitlin Mendoza Photo
  1. Champagne popping 
  • Fun photo opt to do with wedding party or small guest count. 
Photo by: Mariss Wiley Photo
  1. Cheering 
  • All of your favorite people are hyping you up as you head out to your honeymoon!
Photo by: Stoneking Photography

Let us know what your favorite exit idea is!