How to Receive Cash for your Wedding

Many wedding traditions have evolved over the last few years, and gifting has also advanced over the years as well. Many couples are either older and more established, so they have everything they need, or they live together, or they are at a stage of their lives where they generally buy what they need. So, when it comes to registering for gifts, couples may find themselves in this state of,  “We already have what we need and don’t need anything extra.” On the other hand, guests LOVE to celebrate the couple with a gift.

What is the next best thing a couple can do, you ask? A couple can ask their friends and family to go ‘Birdie’ to send them a cash gift. This program is a lot like venmo, paypal, or zelle. But you are able to send money along with  a cute e-card to the couple. This way the couple can use the money the way they want, i.e. honeymoon, home improvements, donate to their favorite cause,  future plans, and you name it. 

Another great advantage to Birdie is that it limits the amount of cards at your wedding with cash in them. While you want to assume the best about people, it is important to be careful. Even with good security at a venue, a stranger can slip in and grab a batch of cards, or a batch of cards could inadvertently get packed away and lost. Gifts and Cards are a big liability during a wedding, and Birdie limits the risk of having valuable items at your wedding. 

How does it work? 

Head over to the website with this link (​​  

Once you arrive at the page, you select your occasion, personalize it, and then share it with friends and family. 

You’ll be able to share the link through media or print it on your Save the Date or Invites for guests to have access to it. 

Then, once you’re ready for the money you can transfer it over to your bank account whenever you would like. For Free!