Uber & Lyft

How do we get people home safely? 

If everyone isn’t staying at the same location, it can be a little tricky, and most shuttles go from point A to point B and not all over town. The next best thing is for guests to use an Uber or Lyft to get home. 

Whether your event is in the heart of the city or outside the city proper, it is always nice to give your guests a heads up on if Uber or Lyft come to that location, And, if Uber and Lyft do pick up in the vicinity, why not give them a credit to use? 

How does this work? 

Create the event within the app with the event location, date, and time. ( Both Uber and Lyft work a lot alike on this) Once you have created the event, you can buy a certain amount  of credit and give your guests the promo code to use when they order an Uber/Lyft home. This credit takes a certain amount off their ride purchase.

This is a great benefit because you are giving them an extra few dollars to use to get home safely, and you are encouraging them to not drive after celebrating, and it’s another way to say thank you to your guests for making the trip to your event.