Unique Add on to your Wedding!

During the planning process you make sure the table decorations flow with the room, linens are the right texture and color, invites are being printed, menus being picked, overall details of the timeline are coming together between vendors. And then comes the question:  what can you do to make your Wedding one people won’t forget, what’s the unique twist to your wedding, what will be your WOW factor? We have it for you! Give your guests the experience of a lifetime during your cocktail hour by not only having fabulous drinks and appetizers but entertainment… and not just your regular entertainment: a Magician! 

Today our vendor spotlight covers David Ranalli, Magician of the Midwest! Take a look at what makes David so great and what an amazing add on he could be for your event! 

How did David get started?

David started magic after seeing David Copperfield live; he snuck backstage afterward to meet him. His  first gigs were at 14 years old doing magic in restaurants and magic clubs. Ever since then, his life has been an adventure. Magic has gotten David into some strange places, and he has met some really cool people. 

Is cocktail hour usually the best time to have you during a wedding?

Magic is a great way to engage your guests during cocktail hour and create connective energy. David’s favorite part of weddings is to do magic for the entire bridal party, as well as doing close-up shows during dancing. He sets up a small table and people get to interact with him in a more direct way. It’s a great alternative activity for people during that portion of the reception. Don’t have a big dancing crowd? Great alternative! 

Does David travel?

 David does travel across the US, but tries to keep his events in the midwest for consistency and because he loves this region and people. 

What’s David’s favorite part of being a professional Magician?

Being a magician is awesome. David gets to meet all kinds of people and share with them a very mysterious art. Magic inspires people and gives them a rush of sensations that no other art can do. It has the ability to shock people and snap them out of the emotional drag of life. 

This is a very unique lifestyle. It isn’t always easy to manage, but it is very much worth it.

How far in advance should someone book David?

As far out as possible is usually best. But, David’s calendar usually fills 3-6 months in advance, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you’re close to your event.

How should someone contact David?

The best way is to contact David via email david@davidranalli.com. Or even better, fill out the form on my website – HTTP://davidranalli.com/contact