Dog Friendly Wedding

Our Furry Friends are our favorites! So, why wouldn’t we have them involved in our special day to celebrate with their hoomans? 

Here are a few tips to incorporate them in your special day to encourage them to come, to behave, and to wiggle down the aisle for you! 

Photo by: Marissa Wiley Photography

1. Have a designated handler for them.

We highly recommend this not being someone in the wedding party or close family member. There is a lot going on during the day of, and you want to make sure your family and wedding party are present during the getting ready phase and the picture phase of your day.  That designated someone, i.e. handler, should be in charge of making sure the furry one is going potty in the right spot, getting energy out, and making it to the venue. 

If you don’t have someone there are companies that you can hire for this purpose, like 

Indy Pups 

Indy Mutts

Tippy Taps


2. Make sure your designated handler plays/walks them before. This way they do their business and get a little energy out. 

Photo by: Timeless Adventures

3. Bring extra treats, toys (for downtime), and bowl for water .

Photo by: Marissa Wiley Photography

4. Dress the part !

Flowers, ask your florist if they are able to make a floral ring for the pup’s collar

Photo by: Timeless Adventures

Check out Dapper Gents dog collar/bow tie collections! They can even personalize down to the color and fabric. 

Photo by: Marissa Wiley Photography