Vendor Spotlight: Tailored Toddies

Looking to add some extra flavor to your next event? ‘Tailored Toddies’ is ready to serve you! 

Tailored Toddies sprang from the Indianapolis home of two sisters:  Maggie Day and Alex Stark. They considered how much they enjoyed unique and specialty drinks out at restaurants, and they wanted to give people a chance to enjoy those drinks at home or at their next event. 

Tailored Toddies is a local Indy business that provides fresh, all natural, handcrafted cocktails for your next special occasion or night in on the patio. Their mixes contain no preservatives, artificial flavors, or additives of any kind, and each mix provides all that is needed for handcrafted cocktails to be made quickly, efficiently, and consistently in any situation. Tailored Toddies offers a list of craft cocktails from which to choose, and they also offer clients the ability to book a tasting . . . where you can have a mix made specifically for you and your event! When personalizing a cocktail, they are able to fashion the mix to your specific color, taste, etc. Tailored Toddies takes pride in providing unique, premium, handcrafted cocktails. Each is hand bottled, made with fresh squeezed juices, and infused with simple syrups and other unique mixology elements. 

Tailored Toddies provides craft cocktails that are easy to serve and easy to enjoy anywhere! Whether you are at home, or it’s the “biggest day of your life,” Tailored Toddies has you covered! 

Some of their favorites! 

The Sipster

The mingling of cool and tart in this mix make it nearly impossible to only have one. Muddled cucumber and fresh lime, combine with ginger and a splash of bitters to make a soft sensation in your glass.

Fire Shrub

A mix for the bold is a unique blend of sweet and tart, with a fiery finish. It starts with perfectly ripened strawberries soaking in a blend of balsamic and red wine vinegars and is balanced with just the right amount of a serrano and habanero infused syrup.

Wake-Up Call

The mix to make drinking any alcohol a pleasure, morning or night. This crafted blend of mandarin orange and lemon, infused with sage, has subtle notes of ginger with grapefruit/peppercorn bitters.

Butterfly Kiss

A refreshing concoction perfect for a hot day on the patio or cool night around the fire. An herbal blend, infused into a mixture of tart lemon juice and sweet coconut water. This mix is colored beautifully with a touch of butterfly peaflower extract.

This is a great opportunity to add a special touch to your next event. Contact them today, or stop by and visit them at one of the many Farmer Markets around Indy!