Wedding Desserts Ideas

I don’t know about you but I always have a sweet tooth and when it comes to events, I am always looking forward to the dessert! We had the pleasure of chatting with Chef Mel, Owner of Eats by Chef Mel to learn the process of picking out the best sweets for your next event. 

How did you get started?
I’ve been a chef for 16 years.  My previous life was in the Caribbean, working as a yacht chef on sailing catamarans for 12 years.  After the hurricanes of 2017, we had to reevaluate our plans and decided to move back to the US.  I decided at that point to pivot to baking, which is something I’ve always enjoyed and felt like it was a good time to transition.  People are always happy around baked goods.  I like being able to provide something that brings people joy.

What all can you make?
I specialize in making round, 3-layer cakes in a range of sizes and tiers, as well as cupcakes in all kinds of flavors and colors.  If a couple wants to incorporate other desserts or sweets for their special day, I am definitely up for making fun and yummy treats.  Except donuts (I don’t have a deep fryer).

Do you have a most popular flavor?
Chocolate is always popular, as is Red Velvet.  But I have to say my signature cake flavor is Salted Caramel Brown Butter.  Brown butter cake, filled with homemade salted caramel and topped with vanilla buttercream.  Heck yeah…

Do you deliver?
Yes!  I offer delivery for all my cakes/cupcakes, as well as delivery/set up for weddings/special event cakes or cupcakes.

Are you able to put flowers or the cake topper on?
Yes!  I’m happy to add any adornments you might want for your cake.  We will talk about these details during the initial consultation/tasting.

How in advance does a client need to book you for cake or dessert?
For a basic cake or cupcake order, I need a minimum of 48 hours.  If you’re planning a special occasion or wedding, I ask for at least a 1 week notice.

Do you make desserts for other events?
I do cakes and cupcakes for all sorts of occasions: birthdays, anniversaries, retirements, client thank you’s and employee appreciations, or really just because you feel like eating cake!

When picking out a cake or dessert what’s the best thing a couple should do?
TASTE!  Taste taste taste.  Not all cakes or desserts are created equal, not all bakeries are created equal, and every person has a different taste preference.  Try before you buy.  Also, be honest about what you really want in a dessert.  Is the cake/dessert a main component for your big day or are you not a real big sweet tooth and therefore don’t really care?  Is quantity more important than quality?  There’s no right or wrong answer but there is a huge price difference between the two.  Knowing what you prefer in your desserts will help you make the right decision.

Any other advice for a client?
There are a lot of choices for cakes/sweet treats out there.  Choose what you enjoy and remember it’s YOUR special occasion.  Of course, you want to have a variety to make your guests happy, but don’t feel you have to sacrifice your taste preference if what you REALLY want is (x) flavor…it’s your day, celebrate it!
Not every bakery can do everything.  I always try to be very honest with my clients on what I can and cannot offer, and sometimes I have to recommend them to another business if their needs are better met elsewhere. Price is not always indicative of quality.  It’s okay to ask your baker how their products are made.  Also remember that small bakery businesses are not the same as your local grocery store’s bakery, and there’s a reason the small bakery products are more expensive because the items are customized and made in small batches with higher quality ingredients.

And finally, if you’re not sure what would work best with your event, ask for guidance.  A baker knows their product better than anyone and can help match the dessert with the occasion.  As a chef, I have a pretty good knowledge on flavor combinations and profiles, and am always happy to talk about how different cake flavors can complement the rest of your theme and food.

What is your favorite thing to make?
Oh boy, that’s a loaded question. If we’re talking something other than cake, then definitely scones.  And slow cooked meats.  Lasagna from scratch.  And sauces, ALL the sauces.

If we’re talking cake, then anything that lets me play and make it pretty.  I love the creativity cake decorating offers, and when a client has colors or decorations in mind, it’s so much fun bringing their vision to life.

I mean if you’re not craving sweets by now I don’t know what to say beside you’re crazy. Contact Chef Mel today to get your hands on these amazing sweet treats for your next event or special occasion. 



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