Vendor Spotlight Christine- OvaBeauty

Whether you are getting new headshots, family photos, or preparing for a special event or  your wedding day, Christine is ready to make sure you look the part. Christine is a Licensed Esthetician and Professional Makeup Artist who specializes in clean skincare and bridal and glamour looks for the everyday gal.

Four years ago Christine’s friend was tying the knot, and Christine was asked to do her friend’s make-up. From then on with the extra help of social media, the expansion of her business became REAL! She began educating others about skincare and what products she liked and enjoy using. This past year Christine and close friend, Lyssie ( eye lash guru) opened up shop off Central ( 1030 Central Ave, Indianapolis, IN) and OVABeauty had a location! This provides a beautifully furnished place for clients and bridal parties to come, sit back, and relax on the big day while getting pampered ( and of course sipping on some bubbly)!


When looking for what you want to do with your make up for the big day, start grabbing pictures from Pinterest, Magazines, and Social Media. You don’t have to like the whole part of the makeup, but grabbing pictures where you might like the lip color or eye shadow on one and then the fancy the lashes on the other will be helpful. Christine will be able to build off those examples and bring your look to life!

When searching pictures, look for people who are closer to your own hair color so you can get a good idea of what it will look like on you.

Are you someone who doesn’t like to wear much up on the daily basis and unsure what to do the day of? Stick with ‘Simple & Natural.’ A great makeup artist knows how to cover up blemishes and add a few highlights without going crazy and keeping your natural look still shining through for your big day.

During the Trial – SPEAK UP! If you are uncomfortable with how full your lashes are, or find the color too strong for you behind the eyes, or the lips aren’t as bold as you want, then tell the artist! Most artist can adjust to what you envisioned—this is why you have trials in the first place.  

Christine is able to not only take care of YOU on your big day, but she can also do your bridesmaids, moms, grandmas, and that crazy cousin– you name it! Still looking for someone to make sure your makeup is covered for the big day? Head over to @ovabeautybar on Instagram to see if she’s available for your big day!

Holiday Tips: As we come to the end of the year, this means PARTIES! From holiday work parties to family and friend gatherings. Christine shares her top 3 ways to make sure you can make sure you show up with the extra ‘WOW’ factor

Bold Lips!

Extra highlight & shimmers on the eyes! Everyone loves a little extra sparkle during the holiday season.

Keep up your skincare routine( cold weather is here, and it can be hard to keep up with moisturizing )

If you don’t want to do it yourself, don’t worry Christine still has a few openings before the 2019 year is over! Book at: