8 Tips to Plan Your Wedding

Wedding Planning can be a LOT on a couple. Their schedules are already as busy as they come, and this is all new territory with so many unknowns.  To top it off, everyone wants to put their 2 cents in on what the couple should or should not do and tell the couple how things should be done. I am not going to say Wedding Planning will be easy after using the tips below, but keeping these things in mind will definitely get you in a better mind set of how to start the process and make some decisions.   

Here are my top 8 tips on how you and your Honey can survive the wedding planning process and celebrate on the big day! 

  1. Set a budget, and stick with it! 

This is a must! Setting a budget allows you to know what you have and what you can spend at the end of the day.  Also don’t forget all the extra things to add into this budget from postage stamps to gifts for wedding party to hotel stays; this list can go on and on, and things add up quickly, so you gotta make sure you have it ALL in the budget so there are no surprises!

2. Make a list of what you BOTH want. 

This list can start with the food, drinks, decor, and special activities. And, it needs to include:  What kind of ceremony do you want? Traditional or non-traditional? How big or small? You both need to sit down and brainstorm what you both envision for your big day.  Again, your wedding day is what BOTH of you want; sometimes one may think the other one likes one thing, when, in reality, no one wants that “thing.” Communicate!  

3. Take a few nights each month and to NOT even mention the W

word … ‘Wedding.’

This is crucial!  At dinner, you may think, “What the heck did we talk about before we got engaged?” I promise—- there are other things to talk about and catch up on. You need a break and space from “wedding talk”! 

4. Hire Vendors you trust.

This is crucial! A strong vendor team will make you feel at peace knowing that your special day is in good hands.  Your vendors will know what to do if an emergency comes about and what the best options are for you. 

5. Set planning meetings between you and your honey. 

This allows you to be consistent and organized. During these meetings, you can fill out vendor request forms, design table layout, pick your invites. . . you name it. These meetings are there for you to get as much done as need be in an organized fashion. Your next task list can be at your next meeting a few weeks later as scheduled. 

6. Realize not everything will be done that day! 

This is another hard one to grasp. You’ll get so wrapped up in planning that you will want it all done ASAP! But, in reality, not every vendor is on their email 24/7, and you can’t plan one of the biggest days of your life all in one day.

7. Everyone has an opinion about what your wedding should be. 

You have to be cautious with this and not get wrapped up in it. Stick to what is important to you as a couple and focus on the thing that you love about the relationship and why you are getting married. 

8.  And hire a planner. 

Yes, Yes the Wedding planner says to hire a planner—- not just because she is one, but because they ARE helpful! They reassure you when you’re second guessing,and you are always welcome to vent to them. A good planner will confirm and calm your concerns,and  you can bounce ideas off of them for input. They are going to be there on your day to make sure all of your hard work is executed the way you want and all the details are set and done!