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Fizzle Bathizzle

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Showers, Weddings, or Private Event

What’s better then being gifted a blend of essential oils all handcrafted into a bath bomb for your guests to enjoy after your special event?

As a client of Lisa’s, you’ll be able to personalize these bath bombs from their shape, smell, and even adding a small surprise in selected designs. These bath bombs are one of a kind. Not only are they KID SAFE with 100% essential oils, there are no chemical fragrances used in them, and each one is handmade.

The Story behind Fizzle Bathizzle:

Lisa Beale, the owner, never imagined not working outside the home and being a stay at home Mom, until one day her calling became more clear than ever. After 18 years of having a sales career, she took that leap of faith, quit her job, and began to stay home with her (then) 4 year old son Jagger for that last year before he began kindergarten. It was a Lisa’s desire to stay connected with the outside world, while also teaching Jagger the importance of working for things that brought them to starting a business. Loving bath bombs but disappointed with all the chemicals in most bath bombs on the market, together they created a bath bomb business that both kids and parents would love.

What are Fizzle Bathizzle’s Bath Bombs?

• KID SAFE with 100% essential oils, no chemical fragrance used.

• Handmade, each being unique in its shape and color.

• SURPRISES inside select designs.

• Customized ordering for showers, birthday parties, weddings or just for fun!

They currently sell in 7 retail locations, participate in local artisans’ markets, provide wedding, birthday and shower favors and love to do special events with their bath bomb dust!

Contact Lisa today to start chatting about your personalized bath bomb for your next event.

Instagram: @fizzlebathizzle

Contact: 317-315-7388