The Brick Hive – Bringing Blooms to the Indy area

The Brick Hive

 ‘The Brick Hive is here to show that in all reality flowers might be one of the most enchanted elements of the earth. Think about it, not only do blooms mirror a gift of life from the earth, but whenever there is a monumental stone reached in a lifetime or relationship, flowers accompany those moments as a form of celebration. My flower cart was created with the intention of spreading the love for blooms throughout the Indy area, and I am so unbelievably excited to grow this business locally.” – Owner, Gabriella Shammas

Gabriella Shammas, the woman behind this beautiful business, has two main displays available for clients to rent for their next event and spread the love with flowers.

Flower Cart:

A shabby chic display that houses galvanized tins that are filled with the fresh blooms and greenery.

Floral Stand:

An ebony iron stand that holds crisp white tins individually filled with blooms.

When Gabriella is selling at a venue, both displays have the same purpose: having guests be able to hand create their perfect bouquets. The unique aspect of this business is that it allows all individuals the ability to envision and then create his or her own artwork in the form of a gorgeous bouquet! Whether it is the flower cart or floral stand, everything is priced per stem allowing guests to add and craft together their own bouquets at the appropriate price and style they crave.


Want to book THE Brick HIVE?

There are a couple of different options that are offered for clients.

  • For the flower cart, if a client is wanting to cover the entire cost of flowers for the guests then the starting price begins at $725.

  • Another option, is that a client can book the flower cart for their event, but the guests will purchase their own bouquets, however, 20% of the guests’ bouquets purchased goes towards the couple’s Honeymoon fund. This package starts off at $425.

Once booked, Gabriella will have a meeting with the client in order to understand his or her personal vision of the floral display. Gabriella makes sure the displays of each event reflect the client’s choice of color palette and specific desire of blooms on the flower cart or floral stand. Of course, personal packages can be created for clients to fit their perfect vision. And depending on the size of the guest list, the pricing can alter if the cart has to be restocked for more bouquets or more exotic flowers are desired to fill the display.

During the event the flower gals will make sure that every single guest is taken care of and hand wrap each bouquet for them.

What is the story behind  ‘The Brick Hive’? How did you find your passion? 

Ever since Gabriella can remember her mom has had a love for gardening. Her mom would spend hours outside tending her garden from repotting plants to growing sunflowers in the hot summer season. Gabrielle used to believe her mother was the ultimate “tree hugger” growing up, and honestly, she thinks it somehow rubbed off on her.

Throughout Gabriella’s childhood she carried her mom’s passion for flowers with her. She would spend countless hours in nature handcrafting her own bouquets from wildflowers or be creating some type of personal flower crown with the blooms of clovers that she would wear for the day. It seemed like everywhere she turned in nature, somehow she was drawn to the petals of the earth.

This was especially true when she was traveling in Rome on a vacation. Across the street from Gabriella’s hotel was a woman who grew local flowers and sold them out of a petite tent. Walking under the canopy was one of the most spectacular sites she could see. There was a wide variety of gorgeous blooms from beautiful blush pink peonies to fresh lilies that lined the shelfs of the tent. Literally her heart was full of flower love. She cannot even express the joy that she had from seeing these epic flowers that were in Rome, and from that moment Gabriella knew she wanted to bring a local floral business to the Indy area. And, from that experience, ‘The Brick Hive’ was born!  

 Are you year around? 

 Absolutely! From events to selling, I will be doing pop ups—-just most likely indoors during the cooler seasons.

Do you offer create your own classes?

Gabriella does offer private floral workshop classes for individuals that want to learn a little bit more about the language of flowers and enjoy a cocktail or two while making a gorgeous floral arrangement. (There is a minimum of four individuals.) The class does include the Floral Stand filled with flowers and greenery. This allows for a perfect grab and create system. In the class, indviduals will learn the meaning behind the blooms, which allows a connection with what they are creating. And of course, who wouldn’t want to make a bouquet and sip of some bubbly!

Are you able to do Wedding flowers? ( table decor, bouquets, boutonnieres  ) 

Gabriella creates adorable, petite mason jar arrangements and each is filled with blooms and seasonal greenery that are delivered in a wooden vintage crate to an event. The crate houses 10 mini arrangements that essentially act as mini floral arrangements for guests. They are perfect for party favors!

Want to learn more about The Brick Hive or book them for your next event?

Gabriella Shammas, Owner