Should You Hire a DJ for Your Wedding?


I get this question a lot…  “Can  we just make a playlist and press play?” 

It seems like the easier, budget friendly way to go. However, there are a lot of “behind the scenes” things that you don’t consider, like the flow of the night, the reading of the crowd, and the extra details that get lost when one “presses play for non stop music.” It is helpful for  someone to be present and directing the flow of the music, the introductions, and the interruptions throughout the event. 

A DJ is more than just music from speakers or turning a microphone on and off. This is the person you will trust with the presentation of your formalities, from wedding party introductions to meaningful pauses and speeches with your most important friends and family members. 

For example, think about your maid of honor trying to give her toast without someone gathering your guests’ attention first. It could be frustrating and time-consuming. Having someone to present and direct the sequence on the night or day makes such a huge difference in the flow of formalities and the overall tone of the event.

You need someone you can trust to execute the event. A day of coordinator is focused on so many of your behind the scenes details, while the DJ is focused on the details at the front of the stage. You need to find someone who will not only build a relationship with you to learn what you expect, but also be willing to work with all of your other vendors. If you don’t have a DJ, then you’re pulling each of your vendors from their unique and important focus.

You need a DJ to read your crowd. Just pressing play on a playlist might be an easy way to have a great house party. Everyone at your house party probably enjoys the same music, and all that music is most likely very similar. But the dance party at a wedding reception is so much more than one blob of music. You need a DJ who will observe who is engaging on the dance floor at that moment and tailor the music to satisfy those guests. The last thing you want is for a song intended for your bridesmaids to come on when your aunts and uncles are wanting to dance. A DJ will make sure that the right song is playing at the right moment.

Let’s be honest, you’re hiring more than just a “DJ”. “MC” is probably a more accurate term. Master of Ceremonies. You want someone who has done the job hundreds of times and understands exactly what’s needed.