10 Unity Ideas for your Ceremony

The unity part of a Ceremony is a very special part where you as a couple can show your family and friends that you are becoming one and joining two families into one. Here are a few fun ideas that you can incorporate into your unity part.

1. Lighting a Candle

A member from each family ( usually the mother) will  bring up a candle and light theirs. Once the couple is down they will take the candle their family has lit for them and combine it with a larger candle representing 2 lights becoming a new 1.

2. Pouring Sand 

 You have glasses of sand with two different colors and one large vase. Once you both pour your sand in the large glass vase – it will show the two colors mixing together.

3. Wine Box, Letters, & Hammer

This is by far my favorite not because I am a wine lover but I love letters! You have a box that holds 1 white wine ( for the 1st year) and 1 red wine ( for the 5th year). You also include a letter to each other, letters from each parent, grandparents, and anyone else who has shown you guardianship. You ask them to write a simple letter either giving advice, telling a story, or favorite marriage tip. Then on the first anniversary you open the letters and the white wine. Then on the 5th anniversary you do it all over again with the Red Wine.

Photo by: Abbey Elaine Photography

4. Time Capsule

Ever box something up and hide it in the backyard for when you are older? Well this is that but I promise you don’t have to dig a hole for this. This is where you both box up the special items from tickets, favorite cd, pictures, letters, items from dates. This is up to you both to pick your favorite items and box it up to open a few years down the road.

5. Planting a Tree/Plant

Now this is for those green thumb, outdoor lovers. You can do this with a tree, house plant, you name it. This is where you have a plant in a planter but next to it you have two bowls of soil. 1 of the soils represents one person and where they are from and then other one represents that other person and where they grew from. This is another one of favorite unity ideas because I believe it shows that you both have agreed to grow with each other and become rooted.

6. Exchanging Love Letters

This allows you to read your vows/love letters to each other in front of all your favorite people or you can close it into a box for later in the marriage to read if reading it outloud isn’t you.

7. Hand-fasting / Knot Tying

This one your own ribbon, ropes, strings you name it. This goes along with the ‘tying the knot’ you, your partner, and the help off the officiant or wedding party member can help bond your hands together to represent one.

8. Washing Their Feet

This is where each partner takes turns washing their significant other’s feet. (Jesus did this with his disciples as a symbol of his devotion to humble himself as a leader and serve her followers.)

9. Jumping the Broom

This is a very old tradition- but I am so for it because one how fun, two why not? It is what you read .. you both hold hands and jump over the broom! First action as a couple!

10. Beer or Wine ( or Tea-dry wedding) Pouring

Couple take two different but compatible liquids. Pour them together to blend and drink the blend together.