2024 Wedding Trends

As a seasoned wedding planner witnessing the evolving trends and tastes in the industry, I’m excited to share the fresh, distinctive trends that are shaping Midwest weddings in 2024. The Midwest, known for its blend of urban innovation and rustic charm, provides a versatile backdrop that truly enhances these emerging trends. 

Embrace of Nature: Outdoor Venues

In 2024, Midwest couples are leaning towards venues that highlight natural beauty and offer open, airy spaces. From intimate backyard garden party themes, to  grand rustic barns and scenic vineyard settings, the trend is about embracing the great outdoors and incorporating the surrounding landscape into the wedding experience. These venues not only provide stunning backdrops for photographs but also allow couples to infuse their celebrations with the tranquil and refreshing vibes of nature, offering a truly immersive and memorable atmosphere for both the couple and their guests.

 Smaller Wedding Parties 

Smaller wedding parties are becoming a favored trend, allowing couples to focus on  intimacy and quality interactions with their closest friends and family. This shift towards more streamlined, personal celebrations not only enhances the experience for guests but also allows for more thoughtful and elaborate detailing in both planning and execution.

Captured by: Rebecca Shehorn Photography

Personalization: Unique to Each Couple

Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all weddings. In 2024, personalization is everything. This can range from custom cocktail menus featuring the couple’s favorite drinks to personalized wedding favors that reflect their shared interests or heritage. Interactive food stations where guests can customize their meals are also popular, ensuring that the dining experience is both personal and memorable.

Fashion Forward: Bold and Individualistic Choices

Wedding fashion in the Midwest is seeing a shift towards boldness and individuality. Brides are choosing dresses with statement sleeves, unexpected colors, and unique textures. Grooms are moving away from the classic black tuxedo and embracing patterned suits or mix-and-match styles that showcase their personalities. Moreover, wedding parties are no longer expected to wear uniform attire, with couples encouraging a more relaxed approach that fits the individual style of each participant.

Put a Bow on It

Bows are making a delightful comeback in wedding designs, serving as a timeless and elegant detail across various aspects of the ceremony and reception. From dramatic, sculptural bows on bridal gowns or in the bridal party to subtle accents on invitations and venue decor, bows offer a perfect blend of whimsy and sophistication, enhancing the romantic aesthetic of the wedding day.

Technology Integration: Enhancing Guest Experience

The integration of technology into weddings is on the rise. From live streaming services that allow guests who can’t make it to still participate, to interactive apps that manage itineraries and provide GPS coordinates for various wedding-related locations, technology is making weddings more accessible and interactive. Additionally, 360-degree video booths and drone photography are becoming popular options for capturing unique perspectives of the festivities.

Mindful and Inclusive Celebrations

Finally, there is a heightened focus on inclusivity and ensuring that the wedding experience is comfortable and enjoyable for all guests. This includes considering accessibility for elderly or disabled guests, offering varied food options to cater to different dietary needs, and creating spaces where everyone feels welcome and celebrated.

As we look to the rest of 2024 and beyond, these trends highlight a shift towards more thoughtful, personalized, and experiential weddings. In the Midwest, where tradition meets innovation, these trends are not just embraced; they are elevated, creating celebrations that are as heartfelt as they are memorable.