How to tie a Bowtie

At Formally Modern Tuxedo ( Indianapolis, IN) Video by: Everett Pictures, Emily
  1. Wrap it the tie around your neck bringing one side of the tie to the narrow part of the other side. One side will be 1 inch longer than the other side.
  2. Take the longer side and wrap it under to start the knot. Once you get it knotted, get rid of that end by throwing on your shoulder.
  3. Take the other end and bring it in closer to you and make a bow. (This should be right between the collar points.)
  4. Take your leftover end and drape it over the pre made bow. Once it is over the bow, then fold it and loop into the slot in the back.
  5. Pull it through the slot, without pulling it all the way through.
  6. Once you get that looking like a bowtie in the back.. you’re almost done!
  7. Then you’ll need to tighten the bowtie: take the double flap sides and pull, while holding the knot and then adjust it to get it exactly the way you want it to look!