Traditions Are Meant To Be Broken ( In A Good Way)

Do you stick with the old, or upgrade to the new? Many newlywed couples ask themselves, “Do I really need to stick with all of the old traditions in the ceremony and reception?” The answer is no. Do what makes you feel comfortable and fits your style.

 Bouquet, Garter Toss? 

If you find that the bouquet and garter toss is too cheesy, then take it out–especially if most of your friends are already married or soon to be.  Why make those two or three friends who are still single go out there awkwardly and be embarrassed, when you can take that extra time and use it towards something more engaging and enjoyable, like a speech or more dancing?

Over The Unity Candle?

Feel free to substitute the candle with another unifying activity that involves you both working together:

– Nailing a box shut with love letters and a bottle of wine,

– Planting a plant in a pot to watch it grow together( and later on in the marriage when it outgrows the pot,  you can plant it in a yard, which will bring back fun memories),

– Make your own brand and burn it onto a piece of wood,

– Combine two different colors of sand into one vase, or

– Tie your own unity knot with rope

● Have Too Many Kids In The Family?

That is absolutely fine. You can use them all! You don’t have to have just have one flower girl and one ring bearer. You can have as many as you want! If you still want to keep those numbers small, then give the other kids tasks that involve them in the wedding in other ways, like

–  Standing near the guest book making sure all the guests sign

–  Taking gifts/cards from guests and placing them nicely on the table or in the card box

–  Being ushers and taking guests to their seats

–  Passing out fun celebration kits, like bubbles, rice, confetti, flowers, sprinkles, and etc.