Why hire a day of coordinator, if a family or friend offered?

This happens a lot in the wedding planning process, you start planning the details and checking the “to dos” off the list,  and then you realize you need another hand on your special day. This extra hand needs to execute the timeline, make sure vendors show up and that they are paid, direct guests, and make sure the little things behind the scenes are done. Often, it first comes to mind that I’ll have an aunt or other close relative/friend do this as they are already going to be coming to the wedding and they said they would help out, if you needed. But, in the end, do you really want to put the pressure of your big day on them, as well as, taking away the enjoyment of being a guest at your wedding? That’s where hiring a “day of” coordinator comes into play. By hiring a “day of” coordinator, you get help with making and executing the timeline, comfort in knowing they are the point of contact for your vendors if they have any questions, and the extra behind the scenes details will get done.  Also, a “day of” coordinator may have great insight on questions you have during the process of planning. They will also bring awareness to things you haven’t thought about or considered doing that may make the planning process a lot easier. In the end, a “day of” coordinator is there to make sure you are able to live in the moment during your wedding day and to enjoy it stress- free surrounded by friends and family.