Tackle & Conquer your Registry & Home with a little help from Lemon-aide

Marriage is about TWO becoming ONE. And becoming ONE can be a little tricky and overwhelming when there are three different kind of toasters, two coffee makers, and a discussion about whose lazy boy chair stays.

Today’s blog features Angie, owner of Lemon-aide LLC. Angie specializes in interior design. She’s here to give you two the tips & tricks to making your future home your own and hints on how to work the registry to your advantage.

Wedding Registry

Now days many couples live together before marriage, and many couples lean more towards money for a honeymoon, but some of us are still traditional and like to buy from a registry. So, make the best of it with these simple steps:

  • Registry- Register for good bed sheets, towels, & small appliances . ( I mean, you can’t beat having good sheets and a new blender or coffee maker, right?)

  • Storage- Consider asking for storage bins or bake wear bins. (These items wear and tear so easily and are always needed.)

  • Memberships- Costco , Amazon Prime, or a local gym. This offers something different for a few months or a year to test it and see if you, as a couple, would want it again in the long run.

  • Plain & Simple- If you’re still trying to find your style, feel free to pick out the white or clear dishes; clear and white can always mix into newly acquired styles over time.

  • Gift Cards- Who doesn’t love gift cards… especially a Target one?

How to find your style as couple?

First, do not feel rushed on this idea. When you move into a new place, you and your significant other’s lives are going through significant changes; therefore, your home is always changing as well . . . with new pictures and tiny knick-knacks from trips or special occasions. Something is always catching your eye, so roll with and embrace the change!

The best way to find both you and your signifcant other’s style is by looking through home style magazines or Pinterest and finding what sticks out to you from the code words: Cozy, Modern, Contemporary, Minimalist, Industrial, and the list goes on. Take pictures from these and make a mood board; this will bring your vision you are looking for to life and help you find what you need to make your home yours.

How do we decide which item to keep?

Sorting through things and determining what stays and what goes is just hard. Here are some tips:

  • Look at the age & use of an item. Keep the lesser worn item if you have two, and if you’ve never used an item, move it along to someone who will love it and use it.

  • Does this item bring you joy? Does it fit into your vision for your home?

  • If you decide to keep a duplicate item, label it in a box and put it out of the way. . .just not in a deep, dark corner of a room where it is forgotten, because THAT is how cluttering starts!

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